Five Classes You Should Take As a Harrington Student

by Olivia Roncone

It’s that time of the year again when students are deciding which classes to take in order to fulfill major requirements, earn hands-on experience in the classroom, and be provided with efficient skill and knowledge from their professors. 

As a student of the Harrington School of Communication and Media, I aim to select my classes based on what will engage me in the classroom, offer me a challenge to work harder, and sharpen my skills. 

From the help of other Harrington students (and myself), here is a list of courses you should consider taking

The first course is COM 422, Communication and Conflict Intervention with Rachel DiCioccio. This course analyzes communication theories in conflict intervention among interpersonal, group, and organizational settings. Personally, I have not taken this course but it’s definitely something I’d be interested in learning how to manage conflict among professional work settings, and in small groups.

Senior public relations major Gabby Curtis enjoyed this class, “it relates back to the real world. Conflict is something that we all experience in life and this class was very helpful to learn why people act and react the way they do in a conflicting situation.”

Another course to consider taking is PRS/WRT 331. This is a great course for students who are PR majors and would like to enhance their writing skills by practicing how to write news releases, media kits, and letters.

“The writing is super straightforward and this course offers students the foundation of writing in a Public Relations format,” Junior business major Maia Wilson said. 

If you love a good challenge, and love to be an active participant in a small set class, then COM 243G will check off both. This class critically analyzes the role and impact of the advertising industry in American consumerism. 

Professor Cabral presents a whole new perspective to the industry and how it affects our personal, economical, environmental and global societies. This class has been the most intriguing by far. 

The topics presented are eye-opening, I enjoy how students confront the issues of the industry, something I never gave thought to until the first day I sat down in her classroom. As a second year student, this has been my favorite so far because it’s unique and the most I’ve felt engaged. 

Likewise, if you’re passionate about social, political, or environmental issues, and would like to challenge other student’s perspectives, sophomore communications and marketing major Kathryn McManus suggests taking COM 208 with Catherine Morrison. She says this course is her favorite because, “it’s really engaging and interactive debating today’s issues.” 

Finally, senior public relations major Siobhan Richards recommends PRS 370. Taught by PRSA member Pete Axtman, the course teaches digital branding within the context of the sport industry. It covers foundations of branding while applying lessons to real-life cases in sport.

“It went deeper than most of my other PR classes,” Richards said. “It’s what got me interested in sports branding and changed my whole outlook on the industry.”

Overall, when choosing the courses that are the best fit for you, it is really important to look over your curriculum sheets.

Always make sure to check in with an academic adviser if you’re unsure. 

Best of luck to the rest of your semester! 

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