Alumni Spotlight: Steve Zenofsky

by Sophia Damon

Steven Zenofsky is a University of Rhode Island alumni. He graduated in 1990 with a major in journalism, and later on became a founder of the university’s PRSSA chapter. Steve has worked at FM Global where he leads and manages the PR program globally in an effort to advance business and advance brand.

Q: What was your favorite memory from URI?

The most value I got from my education was pursuing internships, some were for credit and some were not. I knew if I was going to have a competitive edge upon graduation that i needed to differentiate myself from other students seeking similar jobs as me. A college degree alone will not get you your dream job. It is what you do with your degree at college that makes you stand out. I had four internships during my time at URI: two tv stations, one radio station, and one newspaper.

Q:Why did you want to help form a PRSSA Chapter at URI?

I have been a member of PRSA my entire career. It is one of the largest professional organization in the nation. It seemed like thru is knowledge many colleges had PRSSA chapters and he felt like it was a great opportunity for students and the university of forming PRSSA and the many benefits that come out of being a member. I worked with students and faculty and together they formed the chapter.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of being in the pr field is working with PRSSA students. At my job, I oversees pr globally for his company. FM Global is a fortune 500 company with more than 700 billion dollars in revenue and operate more than 130 countries. As part of his role he leads and manages the pr program globally in an effort to advance business and advance brand. He enjoys most the daily variety and challenges, creative problem solving, and the ongoing opportunities to have business impact.

Q: What advice to you have for students?

1. If you really want to have the most successful entry role on graduation you need to have internships and as many as possible. I frequently see students with up to 5 internships, so what is going to make you stand out from others. The answer is relative experience. Employers are looking for solid evidence on what you can do for them, can you come in and do what we need you to do. And the best way to show that is by proving you’ve already done it

2. Networking. Reaching out to other professionals and making connections. Taking the initiative to do that can be a big differentiator for you because when you graduate it may be the people you know who can help you find those first opportunities. Getting out there and connecting with people is an educational opportunity in itself. The advantage as a student is that most students don’t do that so you stand out dramatically. A way to do that could be an informational interview, reaching out to a professional that is in the area you might want to learn about and talk to them for 30 minutes. The second part of networking is to stay in touch. Ask them if there is anyone else to speak with to further your network.

Find a mentor. Someone who you’ve connected with through your networking that is a caring professional that is eager to serve and when you’ve found them develop that relationship and seek to learn from that caring professional.

4. Be proactive

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